SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE ! Customization as well...


....Collectors and antique enthusiasts are drawn and return time and  time again, as our one of a kind wares, are constantly replenished and  changing.  Customers in search of a special or unique item are  encouraged to ask us to find for them what they are looking for.  If you don't see it, we will do our best to get it !​

....Locals  who wish to keep their spending dollars local are purchasing items such  as new clothing, saving them travel time while engaging in personalized  customer service.  Relishing in the friendly small town atmosphere as  we address your shopping needs, listening with empathy, finding  practical workable solutions to your needs, gaining trust and  friendships. 

....Tourists are naturally very pleased to be able  to purchase items that they may have forgotten at home, such as bathing  suits, or maybe a toothbrush.  They too feel that we cater to their own  personal unique buying patterns, needs and wants.  We have items not  found in most areas ! 

Our ideal location, on Hwy #41, just North  of Kaladar and South of Northbrook, Ontario, is a one of a kind Emporium  with something for everyone.  Here you will find everything from  Apparel and Footwear, unique gift items, antiques and collectibles,  various accessories, household items-for life and style, along with  Perennial Flowers, right down to Jewelry. Explore our Facebook page  photo's, for some of our wares.


Ever Changing Inventory - New  arrivals all of the time... Be sure to check in periodically, as the  products offered at the Emporium, vary ...depending on the season !  If  however you are in search of an item out of season...just ask us, as  we most likely have what you are looking for, in our upper storage area.

Presently  a short list of what we have -Area Rugs, Camping items, Fishing  items, Music, Bedding, Books, Seasonal  wares and gifts, Apparel and Footwear for both adults and  children...Babies too ! Accessories, Sportswear and Memorabilia,  Jewelry, Nostalgia, Toys, Games, Puzzles, Housewares, Candles, Art and  Craft products, Maple Syrup, Bathroom Accessories, and Binoculars. 

Plants and flowers in the Spring, Summer and Fall !  Fresh Green Arrangements in the winter.

Ample free parking.  ATM Payment.  Gift Cards in any denomination, that never expire.  Customer Appreciation Days !

Customized Products - Personalized Gift Baskets...   You can create your own, or we can help put one together for you.  We customize any apparell, and most any item, any way that you wish.  We make shirts, mugs, hats, magnets, vehicle signage etc... etc... 

From Timeless to Trendy ... Local to Unique.  An Eco Friendly Store... With so much more !

We  stock a large selection of Toys, books, games and puzzles for rainy  days at the cottage or campsite. Umbrella's and Rain Poncho's as well. 

Explorers  Eco-Emporium 41's mission, is to exceed customer expectations !   Delivering on our promises and doing our best to deal with any  inquiries.   Feedback from our customers and our community members will  be welcomed and taken into consideration where appropriate.  Apologies  for any mistakes will always be given.  We are proud of our Money Back  Guarantee !  Our repeat customers  appreciate us knowing them by name.

     ​                     All articles are free for republication ...


Please see our Facebook Page for more photo's of our ever changing wares.

Our 2019, Magnetic Calendars are complete !

We give these out as complimentary gifts to our customers, Along with area maps.  Stop in and see us for yours....

We can also create these for you,... along with Business Cards, Customized Christmas Cards, Posters, Banners, apparel, etc ! You name it and we will help you with it...

We  can create and apply any design onto any garment or most items, and onto hats as  well.  We can create your perfect window stickers to advertise your  business or your cause, for inside and out..  We create Wall Vinyl images for your  application.  We make Magnetic Vehicle signage.  Vehicle / Recreational  sign vinyl.

We now print onto Coffee Mugs and most any item :)  Yes, Photo's !

March 20th, 2015, was our Soft Opening !   Please see the Facebook Page, Christine Johnston  ... for photo's !   Open Tuesday until Sunday 9:30am - 4:30pm,    Our  Hours may change slightly.  Please see the Facebook page for details. at Christine Johnston.  Closed on Sunday's as well as Monday's in the Winter. 10:00am - 3:30pm

We are here for your Customization and your shopping needs.