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The Emporium is Registered in the County of Lennox and Addington. Owned and Operated by Christine Johnston and Co-owned by Gary Cox.   Located at 12047 Highway 41, 9 minutes North of Kaladar, 1 minute South of Northbrook, and Minutes South from Bon Echo.  Cottage Country.

Chris  is a graduate of Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute, Scarborough,  Ontario., a proud parachute free faller, from 11,000 feet !

Gary is a graduate of Rosemount High School, Montreal, QC., who speaks and writes French as a second language.  

Both Chris and Gary recognize the demand for quality, locally grown, frugality and personal service.

Focusing on a stronger local economy and community.  Proud to call Potter Settlement, home.

Both  share a passion for the creative side of things.   "We have a shared  love for percolating uncommon ideas, treasuring found objects and a  desire to create magical spaces.  We aspire to create projects and  environments that engage people in unexpected ways, and to help spread  the joy that a simple lifestyle, as well as leaving a smaller footprint  on the planet can bring." 

 As of 2014,....

Chris brings 24  years of Retail and Customer Service, along with knowledge and  experience in Payroll / Time Management Systems.  Having been a Liaison  and Coordinator with many Charities, Chris expects to maintain a wide  client base and plans to offer competitive prices and build upon her  reputation.  Providing customers with loyalty and great customer  service.  Operating "Green" (Eco), as gardening is one of her  passions...ensuring a more environmentally friendly shopping  experience.  Conserving resources and cutting down on waste, gardening  organically.  Recycling.  Utilizing Rain Barrels, and composting.

The business prides it's self on giving it's customers, choices... not found in some places.


"Our Customer is our First and Highest Priority".  If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask us !

An Eclectic Mix of Now and Then... The Emporium will strive to be the best in the Region.  Promising Affordable prices. 

"We are always open to new ideas....."     Involved in the community, donating, sponsoring and participating in events.

"People  are attracted to nostalgic items, as they connect them to something  larger than themselves... Nostalgic people, have historical and cultural  roots. They know where they came from, which allows them to know where  they are going !"

Create your own Journey in South Eastern Ontario....Be sure to make the Emporium one of your favorite stops !!!

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We Hope to meet you, soon...

As the old saying goes... "Never Judge a Book by it's Cover".   We  are very proud of the name of our Store...The Explorer's, stands for  all of our travelling friends from near and far... from Locals  to Visitors, who are Exploring all of the possibilities and amenities  of the Great Land O'Lakes.

As is found in the dictionary  "A flea market is a type of bazaar that rents space to people who want  to sell or barter merchandise. Used goods, and high quality items such  as collectibles and antiques."   We might be catagorized as a type of  flea market...but... we certainly are different than that.

We  have Purchased the Property and the Building, opening our doors  on May 16th, 2015. We have been overwhelmed with the Welcoming and  Positive feedback from our community and customers. We are so pleased as  Owners who have accomplished so much, in so little time, as only two  people can. Everything in and about the Emporium has been solely the two of us, and we are very happy to offer affordable prices ! On both our  New and Repurposed finds.  We have Explored Near and Far for our One of a  Kind items.... and we are the sole suppliers.

We wear many hats  at the Emporium. We are personal shoppers for clients who are in search  of that special item to add to their collection. One of our motto's is,  "If we don't have it, please sign our Guest Book and add your item to  our Wish List, We will do our best to find what you are looking for." We thrive on being helpful.

We  carry all types of music... even cassette tapes, as our boating  friends, who have cassette players in their dash... love to find that  special treasured music at our store to play on the water.... and yes,  we have every genre. Even Smoke on the Water can be found, along side of  Motor Head and Bach. Come in and see our Cool Selection.

We would like to take this opportunity to reveal the meaning of Emporium, as again, found in the dictionary.

em·po·ri·um emˈpôrēəm/noun

a large retail store selling a wide variety of goods. 

synonyms: store, shop, outlet, retail outlet, superstore, megastore, department store,chain store, supermarket; establishment

"a furniture emporium"   ...(we do not carry very much furniture)

•a business establishment that specializes in products or services on a large scale (often used for humorously formal effect).

"the world-famous food emporium" (we do not carry food items... only a small amount of containers of ice cream and freezies in the summer)

•archaic -a principal center of commerce; a market.  (we do carry Sprouts)

We would also like to take this opportunity to reveal the dictionary description of the word Eco. eco-  1. a combining form representing ecology, in the formation of compounds  (ecosystem; ecotype); also with the more general sense “environment,”  “nature,” “natural habitat” (ecocide; ecolaw; ecopolitics).

We  are an ECO-Friendly store.... Meaning yes, we have repurposed items so  as to not fill our Land Fill Sites. We recycle, as we care about the  environment. We have reusable plastic bags, if you so chose to utilize  them. We collect rain water for watering our plants and vegatables. We  repurpose newspaper to wrap delicate items in. We want to leave as  minimal a footprint onto the earth as possible, being one with nature on  our 29 Acres. Sustainability is about ecology, economy and (sweat)  equity. You may notice me, hand pulling the weeds and picking up the  garbage on the front lawns that has blown out of vehicles passing  through.

We are ECO-Nomically Friendly.... Our wares sell for below retail and or the going rates.

We  the Emporium, being in the middle of busy cottage country, are so happy  to meet so many Explorers. Sharing this quote -“Stand up; Grow up and  Climb up. The reason why you can’t see farther and further is because  you didn’t climb higher. Be willing to explore and be informed!” 

― Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

While  visiting us, please sign our Guest Book, (add any Ecologically Minded  Products that your are looking for, or any thing for that matter.  We  will do our best to get that special item for you) as there is always  something more to discover at our store, each and every day. Being far  from Basic, as Spider Man hangs from the ceiling over top of the over  sized Gumball Machine. As "Buck" our talking / singing deer resides  beside our Giant Lure above our Hand Made Welcoming front doors.  We believe in Customer Service !    Serving-  Tweed, Madoc, Northbrook, Kaladar, Belleville, Napanee, Cloyne... etc....

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